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OpenModelica Annual Workshop February 6, 2012

Final Program
Supported by Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LiU)

8.00-8.25 Registration and coffee, outside A2, A-building.

8.25-8.45 Peter Fritzson. Linköping University, Director of OSMC
Workshop Opening, Status and Directions of OpenModelica

8.45-09.10 Lars Mikelsons (Bosch-Rexroth)
Virtual Commissioning in D&C Engine: A Roadmap

9.10-9.35 Kilian Link (Siemens AG)
The impact of FMI on In-house Tool Development – Bright Prospects for OpenModelica

9.35-10.00 Ines Mynttinen (Technical University of Ilmenau)
Combination of Collocation and Multiple Shooting: An Efficient Approach to Dynamic Optimization, with Possibilities for Integration in OpenModelica

10.00-10.20 Hubert Thierot (Paristech, Ecolés des Mines)
OMOptim: Current Functionalities and Future Perspectives

10.20-10.50 Coffee

Session Chair: Gerhard Schmitz
10.50-11.15 Lennart Ochel, Bernhard Bachmann and Willi Braun (FH Bielefeld)
Improvements of the Initialization Method of DAEs in OpenModelica

11.15-11.40 Willi Braun, Bernhard Bachmann, Lennart Ochel (FH Bielefeld)
Efficient Generation of Symbolic Jacobian Matrices in OpenModelica

11.40-12.05 Martin Sjölund (Linköping University)
Modelica Multi-core Parallel Simulation using OpenMP and Optional Decoupling Elements

12.05-12.30 Christoph Höger (Fraunhofer FIRST and TU Berlin)
3D Graphics Animation in OpenModelica with some Applications

12.30-13.30 Lunch in Kårallen

Session Chair: Peter Fritzson
13.30-13.55 Adrian Pop, OSMC & Linköping University, OSMC Technical Coordinator
Current Status and Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Enviroment

13.55-14.10 Adeel Asghar (Linköping University)
The New OpenModelica Algorithmic Code Debugger for Modelica/MetaModelica

14.10-14.35 Martin Sjölund (Linköping University)
Modelica transformational Debugger and implementation in the OpenModelica Compiler

14.35-15.05 Coffee

Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann

15.05-15.15 S.Randall Thomas (Institut Gustave-Roussy)
M2SL, DAEML and the Guyton models

15.10-15.35 Erik Dahlquist and Elena Tomas Aparicio (Mälardalen University)
Modelling of continuous processes like power plants and pulp mills for the purpose of process diagnostics

15.35-16.00 Francesco Casella (Politecnico di Milano)
Using OpenModelica and OMNotebook for Control Systems teaching

16.00-16.25 Wladimir Schamai (EADS)
Using Existing Modelica Models in Modeling with ModelicaML

16.30-17.00 Panel Discussion
Future Directions of OpenModelica

17.00-18.00 Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting

19.00 Dinner

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