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Final Program

10th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development

Linköping University  –  February 2-3, 2016

Organizers: Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, Kristian Sandahl

Note: public versions of the presentations will be found at www.modprod.liu.se after the workshop

Program February 2

08.30-09.00     Registration and coffee outside room A2, in Building A, Linköping University

09.00-10.45     Tutorials in Parallel, bring your laptop

Tutorial 1: Peter Fritzson and Bernhard Thiele (LiU, Sweden).Introduction to Object Oriented Modeling, Simulation, Debugging & Dynamic Optimization with Modelica using OpenModelica”. Hands-on Exercises

Tutorial 2: Marc Bouissou (EDF, France), Fault Modeling and Fault Traceability. Hands-on with OpenModelica and Figaro

Tutorial 3: Adeel Asghar, Alachew Shitahun, Robert Braun (LIU, Sweden), Willi Braun (FH Bielefeld, Germany), Petter Krus (LIU, Sweden), Dag Fritzson (SKF, Sweden), FMI 2.0 Model Exchange, Co-simulation, and TLM Co-Simulation – Theory and Practice”. Hands-on with OpenModelica and HOPSAN

Tutorial 4: Lena Buffoni (LiU, Sweden) Requirement verification in Modelica. Including hands-on exercises on requirement modeling and verification with OpenModelica

Tutorial 5: Luigi Vanfretti, (KTH, Statnett SF, Sweden). On iTesla OSS Tools for Power System Modeling, Simulation and Model Calibration”. Hands-on Tutorial

10.45-11.00     Coffee break outside room A2

11.00-12.30      Tutorials continued, same rooms as above

12.30-13.30      Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University

13.30-15.20      Plenary Session 1, Model-Based Engineering, Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

 Keynote, Peter Thorngren, technical integration/verification leader at Volvo Trucks Technology Corporation,Enabling
Creativity – the Truck system with Continuous Integration and Virtualization demonstrated”

 Keynote, Dimitri Mavris, Professor, Advanced Aerospace Systems Analysis, at the Guggenheim School of Aerospace
 Engineering, Georgia Tech, USA “System and System of Systems Model based Engineering”

15.20-16.10       Coffee break, Poster Session and exhibition outside room A2

16.10-17.40       Parallel Session 2a, Model-Based Design Methods, Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

  Sabine Wolny and Manuel Wimmer, Business Informatics Group, Vienna University of Technology, Austria,
“Towards  a Runtime Model for SysML”

  Gergely Dévai, Ericsson, Hungary, “Advances in UML Model Execution”

  Christian Ehrenborg, Enimeos, Sweden, Levels of requirements models and how to use them to understand
  the goal

  Peter Cigéhn, Tieto, Sweden, Agile System Modeling

16.10-17.40       Parallel Session 2b, Model-Based Engineering and Applications, Chair: Petter Krus, room ACAS

  Luigi Vanfretti and Francisco Gómez, KTH, Sweden, “Automated Power System Model Transformation for
  TSO Time-Domain Simulations using Modelica”

  Lars Eriksson, LIU, Sweden, “Modeling, Simulation, and Optimal Control of Ground-Moving Innovations”

  David Almer, Siemens, Belgium, “LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim platform for Mechatronic System Simulation, Including
  Modelica and FMI”

  Robin T. Bye, Birger Skogeng Pedersen, Ottar L. Osen and Hans Georg Schaathun, Aalesund University College,
  Norway, “Intelligent Virtual Prototyping of Offshore Cranes”

17.50                  Bus to Swedish Air Force Museum – Guided Tour and Dinner at the Museum


Program February 3

08.00-08.30        Registration outside room A2, Building A, Linköping University

08.30-08.40        Introduction, Plenary Session 3 (Chair: Peter Fritzson), room A2

08.40-09.40         Keynote Mike Milinkovich, CEO, Eclipse Foundation. “The Future of Modeling: User-Driven Open Source”

09.40-10.20         Peter Fritzson, Bernhard Thiele, Petter Krus, Linköping University, Sweden, “Presentation of Research at the
                            Centre for Model based Product Development, MODPROD

10.20-10.45        Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

10.45-12.25        Parallel Session 4a, Language design, semantics & tools. Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

   Thuy Nguyen, EDF, France, “Composability of Requirements and Behavioral Models”

   Simon Foster, Bernhard Thiele, Jim Woodcock, University of York, UK and Peter Fritzson, Linköping
   University, Sweden, “Towards a Mechanized Denotational Semantics for Modelica”

   Johan Ölvander, Matts Karlsson, Linköping University and Marcus Oledal, EDR&Medeso AB, Sweden, “How IoT 
   Combined with Engineering Simulations May Revolutionize Product Development”

   Stefan Sandberg, Pitch Technology and Otto Tronarp, Wolfram MathCore, Sweden, Scaling up from Co-
   Simulation to Multi-simulation using HLA Evolved as the Master for FMI Compatible Simulation

10.45-12.25        Parallel Session 4b, Hybrid systems. Chair: Petter Krus, room ACAS

    Ayman Aljarbouh and Benoit Caillaud, INRIA, France, “Chattering-Free simulation of Hybrid Systems with the
    Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0”

    Ayman Aljarbouh and Benoit Caillaud, INRIA, France; Walid Taha, Halmstad University, Sweden, “Chattering-Free
   Simulation of Hybrid Systems with Acumen”

    Adam Duracz and Walid Taha, Halmstad University, Sweden, Acumen: An Open-source Testbed for Cyber-
Systems Research”

    David Broman, KTH, Sweden, “Hybrid Cosimulation: It’s About Time”


12.25-13.30          Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University. Poster and Exhibition outside room A2

13.30-14.25          Keynote Kim Weilkiens, CEO, Consulting Company OOSE, Germany, author of the book Systems Engineering
                             with SysML.  "MBSE Craftwanship with SysML - Motivation, Patterns and Tools". (Plenary, room A2)

14.25-14.55          Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

14.55-16.35          Parallel Session 5a, Tools and Environments for Model-Based Simulation. Chair: Petter Krus, room A2

     Patrik Ekenberg, Otto Tronarp and Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, Wolfram MathCore and Linköping University, Sweden,
     “Using Modelica for System Identification and Model Predictive Control”

     Victor De Negri, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, “Modeling Renewable Power Systems – Wind
     and Hydro”

     Tomohiko Sakao, Linköping University, Sweden, "Tools for Lifecycle Modeling and Engineering – Necessity
      from Mega-trends in Industry”

     Willi Braun, Vitalij Ruge and Bernhard Bachmann, FH Bielefeld, Germany, “Graphical Modeling of Dynamic
     Optimization in OpenModelica”

14.55-16.35           Parallel Session 5b, Co-Simulation and Distributed Systems. Chair: Gert Johansson, room ACAS

      Anders Andersson, VTI, Sweden, “A Modular Distributed Driving Simulation Platform using HLA”

      Adeel Asghar, Alachew Shitahun, Adrian Pop and Dag Fritzson, Linköping University, Sweden, “Composite
      Model Editing and Co-Simulation with FMI and TLM”

      Sahar Guermazi, Saadia Dhouib, Arnaud Cuccuru, Sebastien Révol and Sebastien Gerard, CEA LIST, France,
      “Model-based co-simulation of Cyber Physical Systems in Papyrus”

      Lu Jinzhi and Martin Törngren, KTH, Sweden, “Model-driven and Tool-integration Framework for Co-
      Simulation Environment”

16.35-16.40           Break

16.40-17.15           Panel Discussion, Open Source Business Models and Future for Industry, (plenary session), room A2


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