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                                                                                        Final Program

                         Tuesday February 7

09.00-10.45     Tutorials in Parallel

Tutorial 1: Peter Fritzson and Bernhard Thiele, LiU, Sweden. Introduction to Object Oriented Modeling,
Simulation, Debugging & Dynamic Optimization with Modelica using OpenModelica”.
Hands-on Exercises.

Tutorial 2: Michael Wetter, Leader of Building Energy Projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
“Introduction to Building Systems modeling with the Modelica Buildings library”. Hands-on Exercises.

Tutorial 3: Luigi Vanfretti, Associate Professor, Docent, KTH, Sweden; “Cyber-Physical Modeling of Electrical
Power Systems using OpenIPSL and OpenModelica”

Tutorial 4: Adeel Asghar, Robert Braun, Petter Krus, LiU, Sweden, Willi Braun, FH Bielefeld, Germany,
Dag Fritzson, SKF, Sweden, FMI 2.0 Model Exchange, Co-simulation, and TLM Co-Simulation – Theory and
Hands-on with Master Simulation Tool Prototype, OpenModelica and Hopsan

Tutorial 5: Sebastien Revol, CEA List, France. An introduction to Papyrus tool support for FMI

Tutorial 6: Conrad Bock, Leader of Systems Analysis Integration at the US National Institute of  Standards
and Technology, USA “Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

10.45-11.00     Coffee break outside room A2

11.00-12.30     Tutorials continued, same rooms as above

12.30-13.30     Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University

13.30-13.40     Plenary Session 1, Model-Based Engineering, Chair: Lena Buffoni, room A2  

Welcome by organizers. Lena Buffoni, Martin Sjölund, Robert Braun, Ingo Staack

13.40-14.20     Keynote, Östen Frånberg, Initiator of the Swedish Vinnova SIP programme for Internet-of-Things.Internet-of-
                         Things Potential, Modeling, Architecture, and Standardization

14.20-15.00     Peter Fritzson, Bernhard Thiele, and Martin Sjölund, Petter Krus, LiU, Sweden,Presentation of Research at the
                         Centre for Model based Product Development, MODPROD

15.00-16.00     Coffee break, Poster Session and exhibition outside room A2

16.00-17.25     Parallel Session 2a, Tools Model-Based Simulation Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

                         Niklas Fors and Görel Hedin, Lund University, Feature-oriented automation programming with Bloqqi

                         Jonathan Neudorfer, Siva Sankar Armugham, Mathews Peter, Naresh Madipalli, Bosch, India;Oliver Lenord, 
                         Christian Bertsch, Bosch, Germany, Arnde-Michael Meyer, ETAS, Germany; "Towards an Integrated Tool Chain
                          from Physical  Modeling to ECU Software Using FMI on AUTOSAR Platforms”

                         Sébastien Revol, CEA List, “Coupling executable UML models with FMUs”

                         Jim Novack, Pedro Garcia, Talent Swarm, Spain, 7D Worlds for Creation of Global Collaborative Work

16.00-17.25     Parallel Session 2b, Model-Based Engineering and Applications, Chair: Petter Krus, room ACAS    

                         Yingguang Chu, Lars Ivar Hatledal, Vilmar Æsøy, Houxiang Zhan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
                         and Sören Ehlers, Technical University of Hamburg, Germany,“An Object-Oriented Modeling Approach to Virtual
                         Prototyping of Marine Operation Systems Based on FMI Co-simulation”

                         Gladys E. Leon, AIA, Spain and Jean-Baptiste Heyberger and Francois P. Beaude, RTE, France, A Modelica-
                         based Tool for Power System Dynamic Simulations

     Rüdiger Kampfmann, Bosch Rexroth, "FMI for Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers"


                         Wednesday February 8

08.30-08.40     Introduction Plenary Session 3. Chair: Lena Buffoni, room A2
                         Introduction and welcome, Lena Buffoni, Workshop Chair and Peter Fritzson, MODPROD Director

08.40-09.40      Keynote, Michael Wetter, Leader of Building Energy Projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
                          USA, The Role of Modelica, FMI, and Model-Based Development for Low Energy Building and Community
                           Energy Systems – Progress and Challenges

09.40-10.40      Keynote, Conrad Bock, Leader of Systems Analysis Integration at the US National Institute of Standards
                         and Technology, USA. "New SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation Standard"

10.40-11.05      Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

11.05-12.20      Parallel Session 4a, Model-Based Software & Life-Cycle Management. Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

                          Lena Strömbäck, SMHI, “Data management for building a European Climate service, the Urban SIS project.”

                          Torbjörn Holm, EuroStep, “Model Lifecycle Management”

                          Björn Lundell, University of Skövde, “Addressing lock-in, interoperability and longevity of software systems
                           through sustainable open source modeling tools

                          Daniel Bouskela, EDF, France, Peter Fritzson, Lena Buffoni, LIU, Sweden. “The Need for Comprehensive
                           Whole-life-cycle Systems Engineering Tool Support for Cyber-Physical Systems”

11.05-12.20       Parallel Session 4b Co-Simulation and Distributed Systems. Chair: Ingo Staack, room ACAS

                           Rüdiger Kampfmann, Danny Mösch, Nils Menager, Andreas Hofmann, Bosch Rexroth, “Parameter Estimation
based on FMI

                           Raghu Chaitanya Munjulury, LiU, Sweden, Knowledge-based Aircraft Systems Integration

                           Jörg Schminder, LiU, Sweden, Prediction of Physiological and Psychological Crew Performance under 
                           Various Thermal Conditions

                           Robert Braun, LIU and Dag Fritzson, SKF, FMI for Asynchronous TLM-based Co-simulation

12.20-13.30        Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University. Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

13.30-14.25        Keynote, Pär Hammarström, Saab, From Known Knowns to Unknown Unknowns”, room A2

14.25-14.55        Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

14.55-16.35        Parallel Session 5a, Traceability, Diagnosis and Testing. Chair: Robert Braun, room A2

                            Alachew Shiathun, Adrian Pop, Adeel Asqhar and Peter Fritzson, Linköping University,Traceability
                             Support in OpenModelica Using Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)

                            Gustavo Carvalho, Hugo Leonardo, Morteza Mohaqeqi, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Augusto Sampaio,
                            “Generating Sound Test-Suite by Adaptive Sampling of Hybrid Automata Models”

                            Ingo Staack, Linköping University, “Aircraft Systems Engineering

14.55-16.35         Parallel Session 5b, Model-Based Engineering and Applications (2). Chair: Martin Sjölund, room ACAS

                            Walid Taha, Halmstad University, Rigorous simulation"

                            Francisco Gómez, Luigi Vanfretti, KTH, Sweden and Svein H. Olsen, Statnett, SF, Norway “Model-to-Model
Transformations from UML to SysML and Modelica for Electrical Power Grid Simulation"

                            Katharina Baer, LiU, Sweden, ”Simulation Based Optimization Methodology for Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles

16.35-16.40         Break

16.40-17.15         Panel Discussion, Model-based Product Development and Internet-of-Things, plenary session
                            room A2, Martin Sjölund



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