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                                                                    Final Program

                                     8th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development

                                              February 4-5, 2014, Linköping University, Sweden

Organizers: Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, Kristian Sandahl. www.modprod.liu.se


Tuesday February 4

09.00-10.45     Tutorials in Parallel

Tutorial 1: Peter Fritzson, Linköping University. “Introduction to Object Oriented Modeling and Simulation with
 Modelica using OpenModelica”.
Hands-on exercises bring your laptop.

Tutorial 2: Wladimir Schamai, EADS, “Model-based Development using ModelicaML Value Bindings for Model Composition and Requirements Traceability”. Hands-on exercises bring your laptop.

Tutorial 3: Dirk Zimmer, German Aerospace Research Center, “Modeling and Simulation with the Planar Mecha-nics Modelica Library”. Hands-on exercises bring your laptop.

Tutorial 4: Petter Krus, Linköping University, “System simulation with HOPSAN NG”. Hands-on exercises, bring your laptop.

Tutorial 5: Martin Sjölund and Adeel Asghar, Linköping University; Vitalij Ruge, Lennart Ochel, Willi Braun and Bernhard Bachmann, FH Bielefeld “Debugging Equation-Based Modelica Models; Dynamic Optimization with OpenModelica”. Hands-on exercises bring your laptop.

10.45-11.00       Coffee break outside room A2

11.00-12.30       Tutorials continued, same rooms as above

12.30-13.30       Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University

13.30-15.00       Plenary Session 1, MODPROD Introduction, room: A2, Session Chair: Peter Fritzson

  Amir Rashid, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, “Circular Business Models - Designing for     Re-Manufacturing in Sustainable Manufacturing Systems

Peter Fritzson and Petter Krus, Linköping University, Sweden, “Presentation of Research at the Centre for Model based Product Development, MODPROD

15.00-16.00       Coffee break + Poster Session and exhibition outside room A2, see poster presentation program

16.00-17.15       Session 2a, Sustainable Systems Engineering, room A2, Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl

  Stefan Anderberg, Linköping University, Sweden, “Sustainability Challenges for Product Development

  Peter Fritzson, Linköping University, Sweden “World Simulation with Modelica and Implications for
  Sustainable Product Development

  Roland Samlaus and Philipp Thomas, Fraunhofer IWES, “Aero-servo-hydro-elastic Model Development for
  Wind Turbines with OneModelica

15.50-17.15       Session 2b, Model-Based Engineering, room ACAS, Session Chair: Petter Krus

  Nils Menager, Niklas Worschech, Lars Mikelsons, Bosch-Rexroth AG, Germany “A Tool Chain for Rapid

  Control Prototyping using Rexroth Controllers and Open Source Software

  Atiyah Elsheikh, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Austria, “Derivative-based Hybrid Heuristics for
  Continuous-time Simulation Optimization

  Lars Eriksson, Linköping University, Sweden “Model-based Development and Optimization of Engine


Wednesday February 5

08.00-08.30       Registration outside room A2, Building A, Linköping university

08.30-08.40       Workshop 2nd Day, Introduction, Plenary Session (Chair: Peter Fritzson), room A2

   Keynote, Johan de Kleer, Principal Scientist, Xerox Parc, California, USA, “Using Modelica for Early Stage
   Design, Reliability Analysis and Fault Diagnosis

   Keynote, Steve Mulski, Director Wind Energy Solutions, SIMPACK AG, Germany, “Model-based
   Development of Wind Turbines

10.40-11.30       Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2, see separate poster presentation program

11.30-12.20       Parallel Session 3a, Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering. Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

                           Simon Danielsson, KnowIT AB, Sweden “Large Scale SW Implementation Modeling"

                           Håkan Kården, EuroStep, Sweden, “Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Systems Engineering

11.30-12.20       Parallel Session 3b, Model-Based Engineering. Session Chair: Petter Krus, room ACAS

  Mattias Nyberg, Scania AB, Sweden, “Architecture Modelling of Automotive Embedded Systems and SW
  utilizing Architecture Recovery

  Claude Lacoursiere and Stefan Hedman, University of Umeå; Adeel Asghar, Linköping University,
  Sweden, "Strongly Coupled Distributed Simulations with FMI over TCP”

12.20-13.30          Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University.  Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

13.30-14.30       Plenary Session 4, Model-Based Engineering and Applications. Session Chair: Petter Krus, room A2

  Leon Starr, Model Integration, “xtUML, Simulink and Modelica:  How to use them together

  Akira Ohata, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan, “A Desired Plant Modeling Environment for
  Automotive Control

14.30-15.15       Coffee, Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

15.15-16.30       Parallel Session 5a, Model-Based Engineering. Session Chair: Petter Krus, room:A2

  Gert Johansson, Combitech AB, Sweden, “ArCon a Candidate for PolarSys Tool Suite”

  Oliver Koch, Technical University of Dresden, Germany, “Aspects of System Integration in the
  Development of an Energy Efficient Power Management for a Wheel Loader

  Wladimir Schamai, EADS and Philipp Helle, Airbus Group Innovations, Germany, “Comparison
  of State Machines in UML2 and Modelica 3.3

15.15-16.30       Parallel Session 5b, Model-Based Design and Development. Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room ACAS

  Luigi Vanfretti, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, “Experiences on Power System
  Model Identification using Modelica and FMI Technologies

  Dag Fritzson, SKF, Sweden “Advances in Transient Multibody Simulation - SKF BEAST

  Martin Hochwallner and Stefan Fragner, Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH, Austria, “Experience
  in Model Based Design with the Tool X2C in Controller Design in a Mechatronic Product Development Environment”

16.30-16.40       Break

                          Panel Discussion, (plenary session), room A2


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