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Final Program

OpenModelica Annual Workshop February 4, 2013

Supported by Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LiU)


8.00-8.35 Registration and coffee, outside A2, A-building

8.35-9.05 Peter Fritzson. Linköping University, Director of OSMC
Workshop Opening, Status and Directions of OpenModelica

9.05-9.40 Christian Schubert (TU Dresden, Germany)
Simulating MultiBody Applications with OpenModelica

9.45-10.10 Marcel Gehrke, Sibylle Schupp, Gerhard Schmitz (TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany)
Automated Detection of Zeno Sets in Models by an OpenModelica Addon
10.10-10.30 Arash Moradinegade (Northumbria University)
Modeling and Simulation of a Combined Solar and Wind Energy System using OpenModelica

10.30-11.00 Coffee

Session Chair: Gerhard Schmitz
11.00-11.25 Jens Frenkel (TU Dresden)

The OpenModelica Compiler BackEnd - Milestones and Road Map
11.25-11.50 Lennart Ochel, Bernhard Bachmann, Willi Braun (FH Bielefeld)
Initialization within OpenModelica
11.50-12.15 Volker Waurich (TU Dresden)
Comparison of Tearing Algorithms

12.15-13.30 Lunch in Kårallen

Session Chair: Peter Fritzson
13.30-13.55 Adrian Pop, OSMC & Linköping University, OSMC Technical Coordinator

Current Status and Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Environment
13.55-14.20 Audrey Jardin (EDF)
Handling of Uncertainties in OpenModelica: Data Reconciliation and Propagation of Uncertainties
14.20-14.45 Christoph Höger (TU Berlin)
User-Defined Modelica Connection Semantics

14.45-15.10 Coffee

Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann
15.10-15.35 Willi Braun, Bernhard Bachmann, Lennart Ochel (FH Bielefeld)

OpenModelica for Optimization
15.35-16.00 Alachew Shitahun, Vitailj Ruge, Moritz Diehl (FH Biele; LIU; Univ Leuven)
Model-Based Optimization with Integrated OpenModelica and Casadi/ACADO Tools
16.00-16.25 Martin Sjölund (Linköping University)
Modelica Model Debugging– Current Status and Plans
16.30-17.00 Panel Discussion
Future Directions of OpenModelica

17.00-18.00 Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting

19.00 Dinner

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