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Professor Peter Fritzson: Software Engineering – Modeling, Simulation, Programming Environments and Languages
Assist. Prof. Lena Buffoni: Modeling & Simulation, Requirement Verification, Fault Modeling & Analysis
Adj. Prof. Dag Fritzson: Mechanical Systems – Modeling and Simulation

Prof. Mariam Kamkar: Software Engineering – Testing. Head of department
Prof. Christoph Kessler: Software Engineering – Compilers, Parallel Computing
Professor Petter Krus: Fluid Power - Mechanical Design and Engineering
Prof. Kristian Sandahl: Software Engineering – Requirements and Design
Professor Zebo Peng: Embedded Systems and Hardware/Software
Professor Petru Eles: Embedded Systems and Hardware/Software
Assist. Prof. Adrian Pop: Model-driven Environments and Languages, OpenModelica Development

Assist. Prof. Bernhard Thiele: Model-Driven Environments and Languages, Verification and Validation, Real-Time Model-Based Development
Assist. Prof. Martin Sjölund: Model-Driven Environments and Languages, Model-Based Debugging, Real-Time Model-Based Development

PhD Students

Mahder Gebremedhin, PELAB, Parallelization of Equation-Based Models

Nicholas Merlot, PELAB, Compiler Technology, with Energy-Efficient Scheduling of Parallel Streaming Computations on Many-Core Systems
Erik Hansson, PELAB, Compiler Technology with Optimized Code Generation for Heterogeneous Multicore Systems
Lu Li, PELAB, Modeling Platforms, Computations, Performance and Energy Usage for Auto-Tuned Variant Selection on Heterogeneous Multicore Systems
Alachew Mengist, PELAB, Model-Driven Environments and Languages, Co-Simulation and Meta-Modeling
Anders Andersson, PELAB and VTI, Model-Driven Environments, Real-Time Modeling and Simulation for Vehicle Applications
Leif Jonsson, PELAB and Ericsson, Software Testing and Industrial Method Evaluation
Amin Aminifar, ESLAB, System-Level Design of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems




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